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My Story

The stories of success have been narrated by ordinary people who have had extraordinary ideas and put remarkable efforts to overcome failure and accomplish their goals. Coming from a humble family background meant that Wisdom could not afford bus fare to school every day. When going to university, he would walk for about two hours to attend lectures. Despite the pain of trekking to school every day, Wisdom persevered to graduate with honors. His journey through education wasn’t an easy one. Having developed a strong passion for entrepreneurship, he has built his career by motivating and inspiring audiences to get out of their comfort zones and become the leaders of their lives. Growing up as a young man with a go-getter attitude, Wisdom defied all the odds against his family wishes and a myriad of obstacles to pursue his passion and goals. He set his mind to one vision- to inspire young people to be the change they want in the society.

"Unless you know exactly where you are going, you will end up where you don’t want to." Wisdom Primus


Let Wisdom empower your audience, students, professionals, employees with the necessary decisiveness, goals orientation, tangible solutions for embracing fear, beating procrastination, developing self-confidence, self-esteem and reclaiming their identity and personality, being impactful, and creating new possibilities.


Are you stuck in a rut without seeing the end of your tunnel? What is holding you back from achieving your goals? Are you living in your past, unable to really enjoy your life? At some point in our life, we need a guide, a mentor, a coach. We’ll assist you in the process of figuring out what you want to do with your life and how to get there

Our Programming

Our mission is to help you develop the strategy, motivation and accountability required to succeed in your business and personal life.

Let me deliver the three principles behind my speaking: Serve – Inspire – Create
Identify what is holding you from achieving your goals and break the chains of your limiting beliefs.
Let me deliver the three principles behind my speaking: Serve – Inspire – Create