Wisdom primus

Ultimate Goals


I remember the first time my mother asked me about my dreams. I responded “of course mom, I am going to be a rich businessman, I will build you a mansion with a swimming pool, I will get you a chauffeur. I will never work for anyone and I will wear the latest clothes and drive the fanciest cars. Mom, trust me, I got it down pat.” After those words, my mother gave me the “look”; the type of look which says “is that all you’ve got?”

That day, I understood that a dream is only a dream and a fantasy unless we:

Write them down
Ask yourself WHY do you want to achieve those dreams
Ask yourself whether those dreams are congruent with your values.
Understand that it is not to “Have-be-do” but rather to BE-DO-HAVE
Very successful people have a recurring habit: they know exactly their life goals before planning their day.

Your compelling future depends upon the habits, the mindset, the goals you act upon today. Earle Nightingale said, “People with goals succeed because they know where they are going.”

You can’t plan your day unless you have a goal for your life. Goal setting is the master skill of success and it is learnt and applied.

Goals make us grow. The purpose of setting a goal is not necessarily to achieve it; it is to see who you need to become to achieve the goal.

In this presentation, Wisdom will teach your audience the simplest, yet efficient techniques to design their goals based on their values and the quality of the questions they ask themselves.

They will be able:

To set goals based on personal norms

To set stretching and attainable goals

To set goals with schedules and deadline

To achieve those dreams and be fulfilled

Above all, to take ACTIONS in order to materialize the goals.

Compelling goals contain three key components:

1-WHERE? What is your destination?Where are you heading to in your life?

2-WHY? Identify your purpose: Why do you want it? What will it give you?

3- WHAT?Identify your goals: What do you want?

In this program, you will learn about goals that truly speak to your heart, your happiness, your excitement and your fulfillment.

Thus, prior to jumping into the process of setting goals, it is important that we ask ourselves 4 major questions that determine the type of life we want to have on this earth

1- Ask yourself “what type of experience do I want to have in my life?”

2- What will help me grow?

3- How can I contribute to others, my community, and the world?

4- What will my legacy be? What will I be known for?

There is one common mistake we often make when it comes to setting goals; we set a deadline, but not a schedule.