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Lead With Human Touch

Leading with a human touch is not only about being an empathetic, compassionate or following principles, but also about meeting some of the needs of your followers.  Leadership is a human relationship.

We all have basic human needs. We will do whatever it takes to meet those needs.  Consciously or unconsciously we must find a way to fulfill these needs. Our quality of life is affected based on how we choose to meet these needs.  These needs can be fulfilled negatively or positively. According to Human Needs Psychology, there are six basic needs which are universal to all human-beings. The 6 human needs are a framework created by Anthony Robbins.  

When I first learned this by way of attending personal development seminars by Tony Robbins, I was fascinated by how these six human needs made my life more empowering and fulfilling.  I have been practicing them for over ten years and sharing them with my clients. It truly makes a difference in how I lead my employees and impact my audiences. I am able to meet their needs and understand them much better. 

  1. Certainty:  The need for security, stability, and reliability.
  2. Variety/Uncertainty: The need for change, stimulation, and challenge.
  3. Significance: The need to feel acknowledged, recognized, and valued.
  4. Love and Connection: The need to feel loved, cared for, appreciated and to feel connection to others and accepted.
  5. Growth. The need to grow, improve and develop, both in character and in spirit.
  6. Contribution. The need to support others, contribute something other than oneself and to make a difference.

In leadership, you will discover several principles, rules, attributes and laws to govern your team or followers. As human beings, we possess different personalities and we have different priorities. Nonetheless, we are determined by some fundamental needs regardless of our plurality. This basic understanding led us to examine the six human needs and incorporate them in Leadership.  

This type of leadership encourages us to explore Leading With A human Touch and Leading Up, Down and Across An Organization.  

You will learn the strategies Wisdom has developed and implemented with several employees who have become superstars in their companies