Have you noticed these symptoms?

  • Hypersensitivity, irritability, anger, frustration, exhaustion
  • Absenteeism, headaches, stress, feeling drained 
  • Impaired ability to make decisions 
  • Relationship issues, lack of motivation, 
  • Decreased self-care, weight loss/gain
  • Dread of working with certain associates
  • Diminished sense of enjoyment of career
  • Reduced ability to feel sympathy and empathy

Also known as, work exhaustion, depletion, Burn-out does not just happen to others.

What zone are you in?

Whether the source of your burnout is in your job or company or personal life, in either case burnout is a trap and it wears you down.

As a former Professor, Wisdom has worked with teachers, Professors and Professionals who, at some point in their career, feel overloaded, depleted and burnout. You will be able to identify burnout symptoms and act quickly to RECHARGE, REFRESH, RENEW your personal and professional batteries.

You will learn the tactics of:

  • Pausing and refilling your energy
  • Finding your points of happiness and discovering your Baseline
  • Feeding others from your saucer, your overflow rather than your cup

Let’s defeat Work, Life Fatigue Together!!!!