Our mission is to help you develop the strategy, motivation and accountability required to succeed in your business and personal life.


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Let Wisdom empower your audience, students, professionals, employees with the necessary decisiveness, goals orientation, tangible solutions for embracing fear, beating procrastination, developing self-confidence, self-esteem and reclaiming their identity and personality, being impactful and creating new possibilities.

As students prepare to enter into or depart from the college environment they need to be reminded to have a clear vision of where they are going, why they are going there and how to get there. In his academic address, Wisdom talks to students about finding their passion, the majors they are passionate about, on prioritizing, planning and seeking out the proper support system.


The worst that happened to you can bring out the best YOU

How many times have you planned a trip, an activity and everything falls in place as envisioned?

Things in life do not always occur according to plan. Yet, isn’t it better to plan something and be ready to face the eventualities than living an unplanned life and leave it to chances or luck?

While weak people see challenges and stop, Tenacious people see challenges and find a way.Success requires focus, commitment and tenacity. At some point, you make the choice to boldly move ahead or shrink down in front of obstacles, fear, procrastination, laziness or habits. Wisdom Primus shows how to embrace life’s complications for all the challenges and potentials they hold.

As Wisdom always says “Don’t judge yourself by what comes easy, but rather judge yourself by what you do in difficult times.”

“Nana korobiyaoki” (literally: seven falls, eight getting up) means “Fall down seven times, get up eight”. This Japanese proverb is the perfect concept of resilience. No matter how many times you get knocked down, you get up again and again and again.

We depict our true characterin times of crisis. Anyone can be cooperative, patient, and understanding when things are going well and life is good. But it is the noble man or woman who can behave with grace and compassion and even kindness when times are very, very bad.Success does not have to be fast—what’s more important is that one simply does their absolute best and remains persistent.

There is no sense in complaining about how things are or crying over what might have been. These feelings may be natural to some degree, but they are not productive for yourself or for others.

Wisdom Primus teaches how to:

  • Realize that setbacks contain opportunity and possibility. They ultimately lead you to a stronger, more successful version of yourself.
  • Linger not in your pity-party; no one cares anyway. You’d better get off the couch, assess the situation and strategize a plan.
  • Expect challenges and adversity:There is no sense in complaining about how things are or crying over what might have been. Are you interested in succeeding or committed to succeed?
  • Focus on the solution, not the problem.
  • Persevere, regardless of the challenges. Endurance is everything.
  • Be patient and resilient. There are no quick fixes in life and anything of real worth will necessarily take much struggle and perseverance.


We have the ability to change our attitude and approach.

“Heiiinnnn, no big deal, I shall get it done tomorrow or next week. No need to rush anyway.” How often have you said or heard that. Wisdom’s perspective of life changed when he lost his mother and sister unexpectedly. He finally realized that the best time we have to live happily and fulfilled is the now moment.

As a Best-selling author, Wisdom shows how the carrot trap is limiting our effectiveness and bringing a false projection of the future: “when I have a car, I shall….”, “when I have a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a husband, wife, I shall be …”, “when I start making X amount, I shall …”

Really? Wake up, it is not about ‘Having-Being-Doing’; it is rather “Being-Doing-Having”

Wisdom’s “How to Live Like Today is All You’ve Got” program shows how to:

  • Build your personality around: integrity, authenticity, honesty, positivity
  • Identify your values and blueprints and set priorities for what really matters.
  • Commit to time and focus management techniques to create balance.
  • Know your point of happiness.
  • Make the hard decisions that create harmony
  • Find your baseline in situations of trouble and challenges
  • Change your mindset so you aren’t polluted by office politics or gossip
  • Deal with change by adapting and reshaping
  • Choose happiness rather than subjecting it to a possession.
  • Break away from self-pity and pity party. No one cares anyway
  • Confidently and comfortably fit in and interact – with anybody.
  • Embrace your flaws and bet on yourself.
  • Control your 5 senses. They are your points of connection to the world
  • Give up on perfection and be more confident and decisive.
• Education
• Motivation
• Inspiration
• Ready–Set–Go
• Start With Why
• Becoming Fearless
• Unstuck your mind
• Beat Procrastination
• What are Your Excuses
• Honing Winning Skills
• Creating New Possibilities
• How to train your Brain to Stay Focused
• It is All about Growth
• Ask the Right Questions
• How to Get More Courage
• Do it! Do It Again! Repeat
• Making SMART Choices
• You either Win or you Learn 
• Overcoming Adversity
• Do You Need to Fit In
• How to Get and Stay Motivated
• Reach your Finish Line
• Adapt to changes
• A Practical Solution for Bullying
• Practical strategies to build your Self-esteem.
• WHERE are you going?
• WHY the reason behind your goals.
• WHAT to do to accomplish your goals.
• Positively Influencing Your Peers 
• Be Resilient and Driven
• How to be a Role Model
• Diversity is a Fact
• Include, Don't Exclude
• I Said It! Now What?
•Break The Hurdles & Be Receptive
• Embrace & Overcome Obstacles
• Combat Your Self-Limiting beliefs
• Deconstruct Old Patterns
• Develop Self-Confidence and Self Acceptance
• Be & Bring About Change
• Target your energy towards wanted success.
• Re-frame Your Old Beliefs
• Apply the Law of Attraction.
• Are you a Leader or a Manager
• Lead with Courage & Harmony
• A Leader creates the environment
• Leaders dance till it rains
• Where is Your Focus
•The Leader in You
•The Way Forward to Leadership
•Are You Born a Leader or You Become a Leader
•Take The Lead