What makes an effective leader?

Leadership is an action defined by what you do. It is not a position.

In his leadership presentations and workshops, Wisdom Primus breaks down the major attributes a leader needs to hone in other to be efficient. Leadership is about influence. If you can’t influence, you can’t lead. Leaders change companies. Leaders help to solve problems and maximize resources. Leadership is not about selling your skills, your opinions.

Let Wisdom help your leaders to develop some prerequisite attributes that they need hone:

  • Your integrity level
  • Your vulnerability level
  • Your level of communication
  • Your character and personality
  • Your sincerity and the honesty level


No leader can do everything themselves. Therefore, it’s critical to distribute power throughout the organization and to rely on decision making from those who are closest to the action.

How do you empower others and create a safe environment in which employees can also develop their leadership skills and take on other teams?


Wisdom Primus, throughout his experiences, has identified four steps major steps to become an effective leader at work and in life:


To Keep Leading, Keep Learning. Leadership is 24h personal growth and it is a one-time activity. It’s a personal journey and it applies to every aspect of your life. If you want to grow your organization, you have to remain teachable and be open to receive new information.


Performers understand that results come through personal efforts.

Performers understand that champions do not start out that way.

Performers understand the importance of prime opportunities and know there will always be strong adversaries.

Performers understand that success comes when preparedness and opportunity meet.

Performers know that attitude conquers circumstances.

Performers know there is power in belief and work as part of an overall team.

Performers push to grow and improve and give their utmost best.

Performers focus on priorities, they execute and get results.


Wisdom take the audience through some practical leadership cues on leading with actions, visions and clarity. This is where the leader puts his knowledge, skills, mentorship and abilities into action and provide leadership to his/her team


“A true leader inspires others to lead themselves” Ari D. Kaplan

Wisdom Primus takes the audiences through simple and practical methods that the leaders can valuably use to increase their influence through the development of other leaders. As a leader, it is important to train other leaders to carry the activities and tasks, otherwise you will become burnt out.
A Leader who succeeds in finding and developing other leaders has ascended to a higher level of influence.
Leaders understand the power of duplication. They share credit and praise. They are not in competition with other leaders they develop. They compel other leaders to get team results and make them effective. They empower other leaders and learn to mentor others.
Average leaders lead followers while great leaders lead leaders.


Effective communication
One of the best ways for students to guarantee academic success and prepare for career readiness is by becoming a student leader. This presentation will give new students 6 strategies that they can utilize to become a dynamic leader. This speech is designed to help students understand their role in the world, find their voice, and embrace leadership as a way of life. They will learn the basic leadership principles and

​this presentation is perfect for leadership conferences, student leadership summits, and campus involvement events.
Leadership coaching involves focused conversation around topics of the leader’s choice, designed to increase the leader’s confidence in his or her competency to lead.
Anticipating challenges to leading change and action steps around conquering those challenges
Follow through on commitments and changing habits
3 ways to make studying more enjoyable.
Why fitting in is not necessarily a good thing.
Leadership coaching involves focused conversation around topics of the leader’s choice, designed to increase the leader’s confidence in his or her competency to lead

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