What is The Best U?

“The Best U” is a dynamic presentation and workshop series designed to inspire students. It combines personal, academic and professional developments that help the students to become successful at school, work and in life.

Greatness, leadership and achievement are not just innate to us. They are honed, practiced, and earned. From a culture of deserving everything to one that encourages commitment, consistency and resilience, the students are taught how to progress by anticipation where their future is prepared today; where they chose to be immersed in the reality of life and accomplish their dreams and goals based on the decision and choices they make, the identity and personality they develop.
How do you the students get the absolute most out of the school experience? The notion of having a clear vision is reinforced through a series of presentations that focus on 4 major aspects of life:
Be limitless
How to handle peer pressure
The type of growth you make
The values you are bringing to others?
The experience you want to have in life
This program will give students a jumpstart to their success and support their retention, persistence & degree completion.

This workshop series can be delivered in individual modules of 2-3 hours, or as an all-day event! It is appropriate for all college students, but is especially beneficial to new college students and high school seniors.

“The Best U” is the perfect presentation, workshop to steer your students’ mind and make them unreasonable towards their greatness and achievement!

Let Wisdom bring his energy and enthusiasm and share with your students tangible steps they can take to accomplish their goals.


Goal setting and Clarity
“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Napoleon Hill.
What are your dreams, visions and goals for your life?
Why are you in school and what do you envision to achieve?
What is your G.P.A.S.S.? –Goal, Passion, Abilities, Skills, Strength–
What do you plan to do after you finish high school/college…?
What are your career choices? And what is the difference between a career and a job?
As students come on campus they are missing a key component to finish school with great grades: the inner motivation. This presentation will help students to identify their passion and goals and design a process, system to follow in order to create new possibilities and accomplish those goals. The students will learn the strategies to stay motivated, be resilient during challenges and reach the pinnacle of their academic success. They will learn:
2 ways to master the art of inspiration and motivation.
To beat procrastination
To utilize their time effectively
To connect their purpose in school with their purpose in life.
The 3 specific actions they must take within their first semester.
To face their greatest fears and conquer them.
This presentation is perfect for kicking off the school year and giving your students the sense urgency to take this college experience seriously starting NOW!


Effective communication
One of the best ways for students to guarantee academic success and prepare for career readiness is by becoming a student leader. This presentation will give new students 6 strategies that they can utilize to become a dynamic leader. This speech is designed to help students understand their role in the world, find their voice, and embrace leadership as a way of life. They will learn the basic leadership principles and

​this presentation is perfect for leadership conferences, student leadership summits, and campus involvement events.
Leadership coaching involves focused conversation around topics of the leader’s choice, designed to increase the leader’s confidence in his or her competency to lead.
Anticipating challenges to leading change and action steps around conquering those challenges
Follow through on commitments and changing habits
3 ways to make studying more enjoyable.
Why fitting in is not necessarily a good thing.
Leadership coaching involves focused conversation around topics of the leader’s choice, designed to increase the leader’s confidence in his or her competency to lead

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