“I AM” is the combination of the subject “I” and the verb “to be” in the present tense. The present tense is one practical tense that defines the moment, the present, and the ‘now’.

“I AM” has connotations, not just in the conjugation of the verb to be, but more importantly in our understanding of who we are. As I mentioned earlier, the universe has given us the power of the spoken word so we can give life to language.

If you want to achieve your life dreams, be more conscious of how you use “I AM.” When you describe yourself using the power of “I AM” statements against yourself, you are sending an invitation to those words to come and feast in your life. Some examples are:


“I AM unlucky,”

“I AM upset,”

“I AM unattractive,”

“I AM unsuccessful.”

“I AM unfit”

“I AM fat”

What follows the ‘I AM’ has to be well thought, well articulated and believed. Each word has a definition, a meaning and when we use it, we act emotionally to match the meaning of that word. Thus, shouldn’t we be more mindful of what we say? Shouldn’t be more concerned about the contexts in which we use those words?

When you wake up in the morning, say to yourself with conviction, “I AM grateful; I AM patient; I AM beautiful…”  Then, pay close attention to how your day goes. “I AM” is said not only verbally but also with faith and enthusiasm. Who do you say you are with your “I AM” statements?

“I AM” can be said in three major cases:

1 – I AM kind/patient…: that is verbal affirmation

2 – I AM kind/patient…: close your eyes and visualize what being kind or patient means to you. You are then saying through the power of visualization that you are kind or patient.  That is visual affirmation.

3 – I AM kind/patient…: feel it deep within your soul and spirit that you are emotionally kind or patient. Think about what it means to feel kind/patient. How does it affect your facial expressions, your shoulder positions, and your walk?  That is emotional affirmation. Every day, affirm, visualize, and “emotionalize” yourself into being the person you want to be by using I AM …… [That which you want to be.]

I AM, in the deeper and spiritual sense is the mystic name that God revealed to Moses in Exodus 3:14 (KJV) And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT, I AM and He said, “Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.” I AM in this case stands for the true nature of God.  Take dominion over those words and use the power of spoken words to materialize your dreams and goals.

“I AM tired.” you will feel indeed tired. How about replacing it by saying, “I am in need of energy to finish this task.”

“I AM sick.”  You will feel sick and sluggish all day.

“I AM poor.”  You are calling for more situations to confirm that you are indeed poor and impoverished. You will find yourself deprived of the power to create the riches you want in your life.

“I AM broke.”  You get what you ask for. The waitress will not serve you fish sandwich if you request a chicken sandwich. Your mind patterns to whatever you internalize.

“I AM ugly.”  No matter how much make-up you put on or how many showers you take, you will always remain as what you call yourself.

Let’s practice this instead:

“I AM grateful, fearless, beautiful, and handsome.”

“I AM patient, honest, appreciated.”

“I AM expressive, able, and talented.”

“I AM important, successful, accepted.”

“I AM empowered, intelligent, and dedicated.”


Your outer reflection comes from within yourself. Focus on your true nature, the nature of your “I AM,” and bring out what you want in life.

“I AM not ready”, “I will do it tomorrow”, “When I have more money”, “I AM not old enough”. How can you achieve anything right now if your story has always been about what “you are not”, “what you can’t do”? What is wrong with you”?

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